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Explore the history, tunes, musicians and composers of Cornish traditional music, a branch of the family of Celtic music experiencing a blossoming in contemporary performance and interest in its deep roots. Find out about our Cornish Celtic band, Money to the Moon.

Can Jack and Pencarrow

We decided, on a whim, to make a recording of the two beautiful tunes Can Jack and Pencarrow. It was raining steadily outside, and we had been lamenting the lack of Cornish traditional music on YouTube. A little bit of direct action, if you like. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rj4Ei6g_ZYI Here’s our description: These two beautiful tunes are from…

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Article on Historical Guise Dancing and its Music

As we move rapidly towards autumn and winter our minds are drawn towards one of west Cornwall’s wonderful traditions – guise dancing. Guise dancing is an ancient tradition from west Cornwall performed during the twelve days of Christmas. It is a form of mumming, whereby participants disguise themselves (hence the term ‘guise’) and entertain people…

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