An Diberdhyans

Tune type: Jig 

Tune key: Em

Time signature: 6/8

Attribution: Trad. Adapted A. Snell


Collected and adapted by Anthony Snell, a member of Cornish groups Tremenysy and Lyonesse. We do not know where it was collected from or how it was adapted.

ABC notation:
T:An Diberdhyans C:Trad. Adapted A. Snell R:Jig M:6/8 K:Em |: E2 F | G3 G>FE | F3 G2 F | E2 E F2 D | B,3- B,2 F | G3 G>FE | F3 G2 F | E2 E F>ED | E3 :| |: E G B | B3 B>AG | A3 A2 A | G2 E EFG | F3- F2 D | B2 B B2 A | G2 G E2 F | G2 E FED | E3 :|