Nine Brave Boys

Alternative names: Naw Map Harth

Tune type: Reel 

Tune key: G

Time signature: 4/4

Attribution: Trad.


Published in Merv Davey, Hengan, (Redruth, Dyllansow Truran , 1983 / 2nd Edition, An Daras, 2013) p 41 with Note:

“I have reconstructed this song from the fragments sent to Cecil Sharp by William Gilbert who noted it from Thomas Williams of St Mawgan in Pydar (Cecil Sharp Manuscript Collection, Vaughan Williams Memorial Library, Cecil Sharp House, Regents Park Road London. Song No 217). Baring Gould also noted this song from a Mr Old of St Mawgan and a Mary Gilbert who had apparently learned it from Thomas Williams before he died in 1881 ( Baring Gould Heritage Project/Wren Trust, Fair copy manuscript Page 440 song 191).”

ABC notation:
X:7 T:Nine Brave Boys C:Trad. R:Reel M:4/4 K:G |:G2GGd3e|fgecd4|G2Bcd2cB|A4G4:| f4e3e|f3ed2cB|A4G4|g4f3e|defed4|G2Bcd2cB|A4G4||