Warleggan Ox Driver

Alternative names: The Plough Boy, Ox-Driver’s Song

Tune type: Air 

Tune key: D

Time signature: 3/4

Attribution: Trad, Robert Morton Nance, Ralph Dunstan


Found in Dunstan’s Lyver Canow Kernewek (1929) called the Plough Boy (p.80). It was published in Old Cornwall (1929, No. 8, p. 38) as The Warleggan Song. He calls his version a ‘restoration’ from the Warleggan Song.

The words of the song were written by Robert Morton Nance. The tune is partly based on the melody to the English song The Plough Boy and embodies part of the Ox-Driver’s song (p.75) picked up from a farmer near Warleggan.

The tune was arranged by Ralph Dunstan.

The version in D played today was published in Racca 2 in 1997 as the Warleggan Ox Driver, it’s most common name today.